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Mountain Biking - Tour

The Buffelsdrift Roodeplaat Meander

Starting from our establishment we proceed to the Buffelsdrift and Roodeplaat Conservation areas where you can see plains game such as wildebeest, impala, hartebeest, zebras and other species abounding in the bush veld.

The Pretoria Up Close Bike Experience

We start from the Groenkloof Conservation area for a bush ride where we ride along a variety of plains game such as giraffe, wildebeest, kudu, impala and others in a pristine conservation area .

After the Groenkloof Conservancy ride, we ride up to Fort Klapperkop where we have a scenic view of Pretoria. Fort Klapperkop was commissioned by President Paul Kruger a few years before the Anglo Boer War (1899-1902) and served as one of the forts defending the southern approach to Pretoria. We visit the Fort and see the installations. At this historical site is a monument to the fallen of the SADF during the Angolan War (Operations Savannah, Protea, Askari, Hooper, Modular and Packer) and  Border War circa 1972 – 1994.

From Fort Klapperkop we follow a scenic route through the affluent area of Waterkloof and proceed to the Voortrekker Monument where we stop for a visit and some refreshments. After the Voortrekker monument we proceed to Freedom Park to visit this monument in honour of all South Africans who fought and participated in the struggle against Apartheid.

We return to Groenkloof Conservancy for a picnic lunch.

Babbas Lodge

Babbas Lodge offers regularly competitive mountain bike races on Sundays.

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