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A number of activities are available and can be organised, booked and supported by the Coral Tree Guest House team.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

The co-owner of the establishment is an experienced mountain biker and can take you on guided excursions on a variety of routes from our establishment to  nature conservation areas such as Buffelsdrift and Roodeplaat Conservation areas where you can see plains game such as wildebeest, impala, hartebeest, zebras and other species abounding in the bush veld.

Mountain bikes are available for rental at the establishment.



Wonderboom Airport is close to our establishment (7 kilometres). It offers a number of activities such as parachuting and flight instruction

Safari Trips

Hiking Trails

The Wonderboom Nature Reserve Trail

The Wonderboom Nature Reserve is 2 kilometres from our establishment. The famous African Fig tree of more than 1500 years old is located within the reserve. The trail takes you up the koppie where you can visit the Wonderboom Fort which was erected during the time of President Kruger to defend the northern approach to Pretoria. Splendid view of the northern plains and a delight to the bird watcher with more than a 100 species recorded in the area.

The Magaliesberg trail

The Magaliesberg trail starts 1 kilometre from our establishment and goes in different routes that varies from 5 kilometres to 20 kilometres. Magnificent panoramic view of the northern plains and bird watching opportunities with more than a 100 species recorded.

Sky Diving

Sky Diving

Wonderboom Airport is close to our establishment (7 kilometres). It offers a number of activities such as skydiving and flight instruction


We offer a variety of 1- day safari trips in our Landrover Discovery.

The Marakele Experience
We visit the Marakele National Park and see the big 5 and a spectacular drive up the Waterberg for a visit to the highest viewpoint at Lenong with a splendid view of the bush veld and hundreds of vultures circling in relative proximity.

Photo Safaris

Photo Safaris

We offer a variety of 1- day Photo safari trips


Magaliesberg Meander

The Magaliesberg Meander
Visit a number of places of interest such as:

- The Cullinan Diamond Mine
- Silkaatsnek cable car ride
- Harrops Balloon Safaris
- Cheetah Centre at De Wildt
- Cradle of Mankind World Heritage Site - MAROPENG
- The Elephant Sanctuary at Hartebeespoort Dam
- The Crocodile Farm
- The Lion and Rhino Sanctuary
- Magaliesberg Canopy Tour

Angling Safaris

Freshwater angling at Bon Accord dam (10 kilometres) and Roodeplaat Dam (20 kilometres)



The Wonderboom Nature Reserve 

​The Wonderboom Nature Reserve
The Wonderboom Nature Reserve is a 1 km² reserve centered on a wild willowleaf fig tree Ficus salicifolia that is more than a thousand years old, found towards the north of the Magaliesberg Mountains in the Northern portion of the Pretoria Metropole, South Africa.


Wonderboom from the top of a neighbouring hill.
The famous tree is situated at the foot of the Magaliesberg and is currently protected from human traffic around its trunk and roots. As it has grown, its outlying branches have rooted themselves round the parent tree. This has repeated until there are now three circles of daughter trees encircling the mother fig, with 13 distinct trunks, covering a 50m area.

"Wonderboom" is the Afrikaans name that translates as "Wonder Tree," or more accurately "Miracle Tree."

Other features of the Wonderboom Nature preserve include a stone age site that has given up the largest single accumulation of Neolithic tools ever found in South Africa and an Iron Age site, as well as a breeding pair of Black Eagles. One of the historic Boer forts constructed towards the end of the nineteenth century in Pretoria, is located on top of the Magaliesberg within the boundaries of the reserve. The ruins of the fort can be reached by paved walkway and offer superb views of the city. Larger antelope species, such as impala, and zebra are also found on the reserve.



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